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Why is it beneficial to hire freelancers instead of full timers

For any kind of business, one of the biggest and most important expenses you’ll have to pay out for is the employees. Statistically, hiring employees averages around 16%-20% of the total expenditure of business, which is a large amount when you consider about the income and turnover. So, you need to know the importance of hiring a freelancer instead of a full timer and also know about how to hire freelancer.


Over the last decade many companies transformed the way they work and do business in many countries. The option known as remote work, has changed the definition of work and also the workplace dramatically. More and more people are working from their own home or off-site, and more and more people are working also as consultants or contractors. A study of recent times shows that near about 53 million Americans – near about 34 percent of the workforce – are now working as the  freelancers, it can be  their main or supplemental income. This huge population contributes $715 billion per year to the economy by freelance work.


The advances in technology continue to support flexible and remote work. And there’s  also been a steady increase of those platforms that can easily match freelance talent with employers. These platforms can easily help you in the process of how to hire freelancer.


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The rise of freelancing jobs has largely been a beneficial situation from both sides of the desk. Employers can experience good financial savings with independent contractors, and also can lower their risk. Workers use the freelancing  jobs to tide them over between more than one jobs, to add to their income, and some  are in this for the better flexibility. It’s hard to ignore the special benefits like the ability to work while being with your family and as per your own schedules, avoid travelling, and of course, not having to wear shoes continuously for a long time.


On the other hand, in some cases both the employers and workers of a company may not want to choose the freelance route. From the point of view of those employers’, they may prefer the commitment that  naturally goes along with a full-time worker. Also the workers may prefer the stability of working as a full-timer, or find the benefits like health insurance, travel allowances and a retirement fund desirable.


Hence, today we will discuss the steps of how to hire freelancer and most importantly the pros and cons of hiring an android freelancer and a part-timer. So that you can easily choose the more suitable option for your company.



What is a freelancer?


Freelancers are  the self-employed workers who can complete the work from home or their personal premises, and also can work for more than one client on various types of projects, often simultaneously.


Sometimes we all need some kind of job done and in those cases, hiring a full-time employee just doesn’t make any sense. That’s the time when knowing about how to hire freelancer comes in handy. Here are some important steps to help you in that procedure:



Identify the scope of work


To start the  process, the first thing you have to do is to determine exactly what things need to be done. If you want the best option for the job, you need to be quite clear about the service you want from them. 


It is known to all that the clear and specific job description works better and can easily attract the better freelancers. A well written job description and scope of work can ensure several things like:


  • You will get the right person for your job because they know clearly about their own ability
  • They will give you the accurate estimate about the time on when it can be completed
  • They can give you the accurate price for the job
  • They will provide a much better product because they have some more instructions
  • You don’t need to be involved very much


Deciding about how much is your budget


Firstly, most  freelancers have their own businesses, which is the reason, why their project rates are usually higher than those of in-house employees.


Secondly, a freelancer’s location of work will play a part in price, too.


Thirdly, there is the important  matter of experience. Someone who has recently started will have wildly different rates from the one who’s been working for years. Expect to pay more for  those freelancers who are experts in the related field, or those who have specific experience in your niche.



Finding the best freelancer


When you think about how to hire freelancer, you need to think about where to find these expert freelancers  who can be interested in your work in the first place.


Finding a good freelancer isn’t very hard. Finding a good iOS freelancer is also not that easy. Though they aren’t hiding, still you won’t find them very easily. If you want the best person to do the job, you’ll need to spend some time and effort to find them.


The first place is your own network. Ask around your friends and see if someone knows a person for the kind of tasks you need to be done.


Second, you can also go to the hiring platforms.  Many others are places where you can find a large number of freelancers for hire. These platforms have various benefits, including the scopes to see their rating, reviews from their previous clients,  profiles, portfolios  and much more.


Third- a hidden gem – Facebook groups. There are a large number of communities where you can easily find  some talented freelancers for different kinds of work.



Assessing the freelancer


Here you need to have some special skills in the area you’re trying to assess your freelancer. If you don’t have any experience in the technical field like development, ask a friend who has experience in this field to help you.


No matter what is the job role, always ask for the portfolios and work samples of the previous work of the freelancers while the assessment.



Hiring a freelancer


In this step, you may need some sort of agreement that can guarantee that the freelancer will complete the job and that you will pay them as per the agreement.


This is also something for which you can get help in online and you can also use some apps to sign it digitally, like,  Docusign, Pandadoc etc.



Creating a database of the freelancers


After you find some people to work with, stay in continuous touch with them and also try to find someone else to do those same jobs for you. Over the years, you can build up a network of some expert freelancers that you can always depend on. When you can do this, you can  skip all of the previous steps and save a good amount of your time.


By following the above mentioned steps you can easily choose a very reliable and skilled freelancer to complete the tasks flawlessly.


Now, we will discuss about the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer and a full-timer, and which one can be suitable for you:



Pros and cons of hiring a full-timer


  • To hire an employee who will work as a full-timer, you’ll need the help of your financial reports to work out about the return on investment  can be for that employee. 
  • For example, if you’re running a retail shop, you can decide how many hours the employee can work and also how it will affect the sales. If you’re planning to pay $20,000 a year on the salary of that employee, determine if that is equal to or will over-compensate for the financials of your business in direct sales.
  • What’s the right time to choose and hire a full-time employee in your business? If both your sales and financial reports are increasing and also your business demand is increasing rapidly, it can be the right time to get a person to work as a full-timer.
  • Before you finally decide, you should consider about both the pros and cons of hiring a full- time employee:


Pros of hiring a full-time employee


  • The maximum number of businesses will be looking to hire somebody on a full-time basis because of the different types of benefits that come with this. Some of those can be, the higher  productivity rates, consistency with the workloads and also a level of employee loyalty which is much stronger than the others. Usually, most number of people will only work in one full-time job, and therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the special benefits like, employee loyalty and  their strong focus.
  • You can also give proper training to a full-time employee and offer them the responsibility to work seriously, while you’re out in any business meetings or running other errands. This can give you a lot more time to work on other affairs. A full-timer must be working a minimum  per week for almost 40 hours.


Cons of hiring a full timer


However, when we consider the disadvantages that may come with full-time workers there can be many examples. Some of those examples can be, you’ll have to pay a holiday, and in other cases, you’ll need to provide them health insurance or other allowances. These can add up to the amount that you’ll have to pay for a full timer.


Though this is not necessarily a big disadvantage to the employee themselves as these benefits and healthcare insurances are a vital part of the compensation packages, but they do mean as the additional costs for you as an employer.



Pros and cons of hiring a freelancer


The other option you’ll have is to recruit temporary workers, also called freelance employees for your business. Hiring freelance employees is one of the most important workplace trends nowadays. Here are  both the  pros and cons of hiring a freelancer to do your tasks.



Pros of hiring a freelancer


There are many kinds of benefits of hiring  a freelance worker, the most obvious among them can be the cost and terms of the employment. If you’ve an upcoming project that needs working on, you may not need to look for full time workers after this project has been completed and in that case a freelancer can be a better option.


  • This  option can save you a lot of money as you won’t have to pay the common benefits or payments, like insurance, as you need to do with a full-time worker. You’ll  also be able to employ the  workers on a temporary basis through an agency or organisation on a freelance basis as per their skills.
  • In some cases, these freelance employees can get on very well in your place of work and you can also think about hiring them as a full-time worker in future. 
  • Working with a freelancer can make the communication much easier, reducing misunderstandings or small mistakes and of course, save you a good amount of time and the assurance  that your money is going to the right place.
  • A freelancer can work whatever hours you require and agree on, therefore, you can get good speed and flexibility in the work.
  • A freelancer is only one person – so they can give proper effort to complete your work perfectly. This means that your  project would receive more dedication, thought  and time.
  • Paying for a freelancer will allow you to pick and choose the required expertise and resources you need the most. Hence, it reduces wasted money on  various things that are not essential to your project, also you will have a clear understanding of where you are spending your money and why.


Cons of hiring freelancers


Hiring freelancers can also come with some problems, like you’re using the temporary workers as the full-timers but without the benefits the full-time workers get, this can  create some morale and productivity issues. Also some freelancers may not have the expert technical skills and may be fluent in other language than your primary tongue. This may create some discrimination issues and also communication issues while you try to complete the task of how to hire  freelancer.0


Therefore, it’s up to you when it comes to the question of what can be the better choice for your business. As an employer, there are various options available before you to go with your current budget. When thinking about what is best for you, just make the decision after considering all the potential pros and cons of the current financial state of your business. Also,  weigh the other benefits and the cost-saving options of how to hire freelancer and enjoy a good profit.

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