benefits of hiring freelance web developers

Benefits of hiring freelance web developers

As running a business, it can be a good option to go with either getting your very own web developer  by  following the process to hire freelance developer for your business or getting help from a web development company. Both of these options are traditionally much more reliable, however, in this modern era of the business world, the benefits of choosing a freelance web developer can easily outweigh the negative points.


The world of freelancing jobs has skyrocketed in popularity just because of the results it is able to provide successfully – not to mention the much cheaper cost of the hiring process! When you choose to  hire freelance developer, the overhead costs of hiring them as your employee or hiring as a firm which is outsourced disappear. Moreover, the traditional web design companies can’t offer the extent of flexibility and adaptation that a skilled freelance web developer has.


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So, here are some  very important  perks of hiring freelance web developers that can make you a successful businessman and earn good profit.



About the web developer freelance


The Internet is growing  rapidly over time, and it has introduced all of us to a worldwide change. This growing use of Internet has brought some new sorts of job opportunities for a person, one of them is of course the Freelance web development.


Freelance web developers are those who can directly work from their home and provide the required services to fulfil the requirements of your business.  Freelance web developer is not a full time or part-time employee of any company or agency, therefore the services offered by them are comparatively less costly and affordable. Today, a large number of companies are choosing to React Js Freelancers to easily and speedily complete the tasks of developing and updating their websites, without any hazards. However unfortunately, a lot of people still are not aware about the importance and benefits of Freelance Website Development.



Benefits of hiring freelance web developers


Good Speed , Swift delivery and Flexibility


The maximum number of web development companies follow the old rule of nine to five – Monday to Friday schedules of work. This can be proved to be restrictive, making it much difficult to get the deadlines which are rushed and the quick projects adhered to within this strict  and rigid time schedule.


While dealing with those jobs that are not under your expertise, it’s a good option to allow an expert to handle that task for you. The freelance Expert Developers are motivated enough to do their job with much faster speed. They know it’s in their favour to go beyond your expectations and become a trustworthy worker.


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Another important aspect is, a freelance web developer can easily work on whatever hours you require or agreed upon, but it’s important to inform them beforehand about your requirements for time spent. The result of this proves to be always positive, as both parties are well informed about their working time and schedule.  As the freelance angularjs developer don’t have to work on business at any compulsory hours, therefore, they can work with great flexibility. They can work late at night to update or develop the website or can write code . You just need to be clear about the requirements and delivery time for the project.



Dedication and Independence


While various web development companies always have multiple projects on their hands at the same time, with their actual goal being as large number of conversions as possible, the freelancers will probably have mostly one or two, or a few projects occurring at the same time.


As the freelancing web developer is only a single person – so it’s unusual for them to have more than three or four projects waiting for their focus at the same time. This means that  both your  project  and the company would be able to receive more dedication, though and time, than what it may get with a standard and professional web development company.


On the other hand, the Freelance Web Developers are skilled individuals, you just have to explain your expectations clearly to them.  After this, they will help you to properly streamline your business. Instead of choosing a full-time  worker for your project, it is better to hire freelance developer as you will have the choice to work with him on  either Full time or Part time basis as per the requirement of your project.


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Easier Communication


While working with the web development companies, there can be either an account manager, secretary or a communications manager who will interact with you at first, in order to communicate  properly with the actual web designer. Having the communication and messages passed through more than one person before they can be able to reach the main person, can lead to much slower progress and sometimes can easily develop some unwanted misunderstandings.


On the other hand, the freelancers are their own managers. They can act as the secretary, the manager, the accountant and also the web developer all wrapped into one! This can make the process of communication much easier, reducing the scope of misunderstandings or silly mistakes and thus,  can save a lot  of time.


This can also offer you reassurance that the invoices sent by you are going to the right place. Direct communication and lack of loopholes are one of the biggest benefits the freelancers can offer your business.



Reduction in the expenses-an affordable choice


The maximum number of freelance web developers do their work from their own home or space where they have very negligible to no overhead costs. In many cases, the savings that choosing to hire a freelancer creates, can be transferred across into the other components of your projects or business. On the other hand, a web design company could have some extra overhead costs – like rent – which might then be partially passed on to the employer as part of their additional fees.


By choosing the way to hire a Freelance Developer, you can be able to easily cover more benefits at the affordable prices. You also don’t need to get stressed about the charges on the vacations and investing money and time in training the new recruits. Freelance web developers are good at working independently and can also  move ahead with good speed.


All a freelance web developer requires for their smooth work is a laptop and a powerful Wi-Fi connection – which can easily be a good amount of money.



Hire & Pay for only the works you need


When a business hires a company for the job of web development, you may often have to pay for  the access to resources and skills – and in some cases for those , which you may not actually need. However, paying for a web developer who works as a freelancer, will allow you to choose and pay for the exact  skills and resources , which you actually require.


Hence, this can reduce the amount of wasted money on  those things that are not important for your project, not to mention a perfect understanding of where  and why the money is being spent.


This aspect can easily make your choice to hire freelance developer a much more desirable option than hiring a web development company to complete your projects.



Working with Experienced staffs


Good freelancers have the required proficiency and a lot of experience in working  various types of businesses. Their special skills and knowledge can be increased while working with various types of clients and their different types of requirements. Hence, through this your company can get a lot of advantages from their sound knowledge and experience.



Innovative ideas and practices


In a company of web designing, the likelihood is that there are a set of  some strict rules or an expected way of doing the business that is strongly adhered to. These special practices are expected to be abided by no matter what the project is – often limiting the scope of  creative process that can go into web development.


On the other hand, the freelance web developers are much less tied down by those strict  procedures and are more open to the various kinds of  innovative and unconventional ideas. Freelancer web developers are always struggling to grow and develop their existing skills, ultimately offering themselves to expand on the services that they actually offer. A  practice with a less restrictive and free-flowing regime usually results in rapid growth within the quality of the work offered by them.



Access to a large network


Freelancers have to build relationships and network with the other freelancers who have a similar kind of skill set to their own. This helps them to have good-quality insight into those projects that are related with their specific skills, as well as a chance to display themselves and their works to the right people. As an example, a freelance web developer developing a website may need some connections who can efficiently work in the tasks related to the search engine optimization.


The actual meaning of this is, that you are not only choosing to hire freelance developers for your project– you’re also gaining access to their  large network on a temporary basis as well.


These are the most important benefits you can enjoy if you hire freelance developer.


Now, we will talk about what skills a web developer possesses and what are the steps to hire a freelance web developer.



Basically, there are three types of developers-


Front-end developers: Front-end developers can work with a wide range of tools, like hypertext markup language (HTML) or cascading style sheets (CSS),in order  to transform the data and code into an interface which is user-friendly.


Back-end developers:The back-end is mainly the backbone of the front-end web development. Back-end developers work with how the website can operate. They see the website functionality as well as the speed of the website and other important technical issues.


opers: Full-stack developers are also very important because they can cover the gap between the  front-end and back-end development, resolving any kind of problems that may emerge along the way.


The skills a developer should posses:


  • A liking for designing and development of web API
  • Sound knowledge in both front-end and back-end frameworks
  • Good at security measures, bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Expert skills with various databases including  Redis, MYSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Proper idea and knowledge about the business logic and infrastructure including the Amazon Web Services, Sphinx


To hire freelance web developer, you can follow these important steps in order to find the best candidate.



Complete Examination


Thoroughly examine  the resume and portfolio of the freelance web developer including code samples posted on sites like GitHub.



Testing proficiency


The next step may be testing the proficiency. It is a good idea to make a programmer go through  the code written by a freelance web developer.You can also design and hand over a task to test the potential candidate and pay for the assignment so that the candidate does  the job with seriousness.





Before choosing a freelance web developer, don’t forget to take an interview via Skype or Google Hangouts. Pay proper attention to the way the candidate actually speaks, acts, and shows himself.They can be an expert, but dealing with them can be problematic if they act oddly.


After collecting all the details, carefully review those. In this way you can be able to make the best decision and choose the right candidate for your project.Whatever your decision is, do not hesitate to tell the candidate, whether you reject or select them.





As evident from these above mentioned points, the idea to hire freelance developer can bring in many advantages to all kinds of businesses. From accurate flexibility to agility, the freelancers will be able to bring in some unique skills while lowering the cost of the entire operation. The productivity of your business will increase and employees can feel more satisfied. If you want to enjoy some of these benefits, then you should start hire freelance web developers  for your business.

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