Easy steps to connect with Fixnhour

Easy steps to connect with Fixnhour

Fixnhour provides freelancing services. Freelancing is becoming more and more popular these days as people are moving away from the conventional 9 to 5 office hours. This provides them the flexibility to work and bring out their best. Plus, it allows office employees with an additional source of income other than their regular office salary. This factor has increased the trend of freelancing among many professionals. Also, this has become very common among college students. With the help of freelancing, they can study as well as earn and enhance their skills.  For example, you can be a student at college and also pursue your career as a freelance web developer. Isn’t this a great source of income? So, if you also want to start freelancing, then Fixnhour is a good option for you. Let’s learn more about this.



What is Fixnhour?


Fixnhour is an online platform that connects various industries with brilliant freelancers. It is one of India’s most trusted freelancing platforms that provides unlimited opportunities to every type of freelancer. Fixnhour offers a great head start to beginners as well as provides immense opportunities to experienced ones. Here, you can find a vast range of industries to work with including designing, web development, app development, sales and marketing, and many more. If you are looking for freelancers or trying to pursue a career as a freelancer then, this can be the best option for you.


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How to connect with Fixnhour?


You can connect with Fixnhour as a job provider or as a freelancer in very easy steps. Let’s check out the few steps.



Steps to join Fixnhour as a Job provider


By following the below-given steps you can effortlessly offer a job at Fixnhour. You can find the most appropriate freelancers for your projects easily and quickly with Fixnhour. so, let’s have a quick look at the steps.



Post a job


The first step to getting a freelancer to work for you is to post the job or project you want them to do. In this step, you need to write all the details about the project including the benefits you are giving to freelancers. Make your job post look attractive to freelancers to gain more and more attention from them. The more freelancers you attract to your job post the more options you will have to complete your project.



Shortlist the potential freelancers


Once you have posted the job offer with all the necessary details, all you have to do is to wait for freelancers to apply to your project. From all those applications you need to shortlist the ones which suit the most to your requirements. You can shortlist them based on their experience or their payment range or any other criteria that suit your business.



Finalize the best option


When you have shortlisted some of the best suitable options from all the applications you can finalize the one or the ones whom you want to complete your task. With the help of Fixnhour, you can easily communicate with your freelancers to negotiate further and hire the best freelancer.



Pay for your project


So, now that you have finalized the freelancer or freelancers for your project and have negotiated with them, it is their turn to complete their assigned task. Once their job is done you can pay them easily as you have decided.


Thus, by these above-mentioned steps, you can hire any freelancer for any type of project whether it be a freelance mobile app developer, a freelance content writer, or freelance graphic designer, or freelance web developer, or any other freelancing service. Fixnhour makes it all very easy and convenient.



Steps to join Fixnhour as a Freelancer


If you are a freelancer and want to join Fixnhour to begin or enhance your freelance journey, then you can easily connect with several jobs related to diversified industries. Following are the steps which can allow you to move on to your freelancing career.



Search for the job


First of all, you need to search for the type of job you are looking for. There are numerous opportunities available on Fixnhour from which you can choose whatever you want. You can be a designer, a writer, or a developer. There are all types of freelancing options at Fixnhour.



Check the available offers


Once you have searched for your desired field, you have to check for the available job offers related to your search. You can categorize them based on your desired criteria such as payment options, or project length. You can also look for the various benefits you can get from the available project offers.


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Apply for your desired project


When you have checked all the available options now you can apply for the ones you like as per your needs. You can apply to more than one job and more than one job category. This means that you can pursue your freelance career as a designer as well as a writer at the same time.



Get paid


After applying for the job, you can communicate with the job provider to negotiate the deal. Once you have finalized everything with them you can work on that project. And when you have completed and submitted the project you will get paid as discussed between you and the job provider.


Isn’t this an easy process? You can pursue your freelance career so conveniently. So, join Fixnhour today and start your freelance journey. Maybe someday you will become a successful freelance mobile app developer or a freelance graphic designer.



Benefits of connecting with Fixnhour


As we have seen that joining Fixnhour is such an easy and hassle-free process, so let’s start your project with Fixnhour. There are numerous benefits you can get by connecting with Fixnhour. If you want to know more about these benefits then have a look at the following points:


  • Flexibility: Being a freelancing platform, Fixnhour provides high flexibility for both the freelancers and the job providers. This allows you to avoid the conventional 9 to 5 working hours thus enhancing your working capacity. When people are not bound to fixed schedules, they tend to bring creativity to their functioning. So, Fixnhour promotes this creative thinking and brings the best out of the simple things.
  • Dedicated freelancers: At Fixnhour, you can find the most dedicated and trusted freelancers to work for you. If you are a job provider then you must be worried about giving your project to someone unskilled. But at Fixnhour, you will get highly experienced and dedicated freelancers to complete your tasks.
  • Independent work environment: Fixnhour offers an independent working environment for freelancers to give their best. Once you get a project as a freelancer, you can work without any interruptions. This permits you to do what you are best at.
  • Easier communication: One of the major issues in freelancing is the communication gap. But with Fixnhour you do not have to worry about that. It provides you with an easy way of communicating with your freelancer or job provider. This is an effective way which bridges the communication gap and brings out the best results.
  • Affordable: Fixnhour not only supports various industries but also does that at a highly affordable rate. You can find the perfect freelancers for your job at very reasonable rates. Also, if you are a freelancer you can work on any project without any additional cost.
  • Innovation: Freelancing promotes innovative thinking. With Fixnhour you can get brilliant freelancers to work for you who can bring innovation to your projects.
  • Access to a vast network: By connecting with Fixnhour, you can get involved in diversified job categories. This platform offers a wide range of options for freelancing such as writing, designing, development, accounting, sales, and marketing, etc.


These were some of the benefits you can get by joining Fixnhour. Whether you are a freelancer or a freelance job provider, you can avail of these benefits by following the previously mentioned simple steps.


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Lastly, this would be appropriate to say that connecting with Fixnhour can be the turning point of your life. You can give a whole new direction to your freelancing journey by connecting with us or you can bring expertise to your projects by hiring freelancers through our platform. Fixnhour is one of the most reputed and trusted freelancing platforms and thus you can rely on it with your projects or your freelancing career. So, why waste time thinking about other things? If you want to join a freelancing platform, connect with Fixnhour today.

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