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How Fixnhour’s Freelancers Can Help you to Scale your Business?

Do you know any freelance workers?

If don’t yet, you will soon.

With more than 50 million Americans are doing freelancing now, it is easier than ever for companies to get freelancers that their business suits.

Get back to the time into a few decades when hiring a freelancer was extremely was uncommon. Rather than, many companies were preferred to hire full and part-time employees.

But due to technological advancement, everything has changed now.  All thanks to the market, economy, and advanced technology that makes freelancing more popular than ever. It led, an increasing number of people offers freelancing services. According to SurePayroll, 22% of small businesses were likely to hire an independent contractor instead of a full-time employee.

It shows that not only large corporations, small businesses also look to hire freelancer SEO expert to scale up their business. But the owners struggle while building an online presence and market themselves over various online channels; particularly they stand out to get benefits from leveraging this vast pool of labor.

But how small enterprises use freelancers to scale up their businesses? And what steps they can adopt to connect with the right and suitable freelancers? Let’s find out:


what are the benefits of fixnhour freelancers


Benefits to working with Fixnhour freelancers


As the digital marketplace is continuously evolving, small businesses are shifting to rely on specific freelance services frequently. Hiring freelancers at Fixnhour will help you to get immense benefits but only if you’ll take the right approach. Moreover, if small business owners are more strategic about freelancers, they will gain expertise that might not have in the house and save money at the same time.

Freelancers or Independent Contractor will offer you a specialized skill set that meant for a specific skill. For example- if you hire a freelance web designer who can work on projects like – crafting a new website, logo, and other material. The person’s primary focus will be on web designing, not anything. For this reason, you’ll get to know you’re hiring someone who has the talent to provide top-notch results.

Along with this, many small businesses that just started face the problem of lack of space in office and furniture for new employees. If the headaches of on-boarding of employees are too much to handle, it would be better to consider a freelancer. With a freelancer professional, small businesses don’t have to concern with sitting arrange of employees, equipment, and other details.

Therefore, by considering these benefits small businesses would like to hire freelancers. There are so many other reasons to hire freelancers’ at Fixnhour which will support scaling up small businesses.


follow the steps for hiring freelancers


Why Hire Fixnhour’s Freelancers to Improve the Growth of Small Businesses?


It costs less – When you hire a freelancer, it costs may be slightly more than the salary of employees who might command throughout the project’s time frame. Although even if freelancers’ fee is high, there are still other inherently cheaper workers, you can consider them. Moreover, these independent workers don’t require training and onboarding resources and expenses. You won’t have to pay them for sick leaves, paid holidays, medical and other benefits. Hence, freelancers’ costs are less in the long-run.

Freelancers are more productive – Workers on payroll can rest on their laurels. They are quite sure about their job security and might not be as engaged as gig workers are for their freelancing jobs. It is often seen that freelancers are keen to accept whatever modicum of job security they can get and always go to extra mile to keep clients’ happy. Freelancers want to get back for the next jobs that come along.

As such, you might pay a premium to freelancers for specific skills and ensure to meet deadlines, you will likely to get more buck.

Freelancers have the exact skills and expertise you need – Productivity is worth paying for. While hiring a freelancer, you will get the exact skills, experience, and expertise you’re looking for the project. In order to get access to people with appropriate skills, you have to adapt far faster and less cumbersome process than hiring a salaried employee.

It is really liberating to search for the one who only should fit the bill for a specific project instead of the one who you’ll keep on the payroll for wider future endeavors.

You only need to pay per project – There are some aspects that are more cripple to the cash flow than an employee whose skills are higher than requirements. For example- if you’ll consider a software developer to oversee a project based on a specific programming language. You may find that the requirements are only a few and you get stuck with someone on the payroll who does little to justify the expense they represent.

On the other hand, freelancers are taken into consideration to do very specific jobs. When they will carry out the tasks your responsibility to one another ends. While you will well take to each other and invite them back for more projects, you have far less cost responsibility to freelancers.


Steps to Follow While Hiring Freelancers at Fixnhour


Step 1: The very first step is to decide who is best suitable for you whether a freelancer or an employee. Freelances at Fixnhour will assists in many aspects of a business, such as – designing a website, writing blogs and articles, filming and editing videos, managing businesses’ social media accounts, etc.

Step 2: After hiring freelancers, let them clear about your expectations. For example – when contracting with a social media manager, define the platform do you want to keep up for the business.

Step 3: The single most crucial step is to contract with the right person in the first place. It leads to work together effectively and efficiently.

Step 4: It is also important to manage the project timely. For this, you can communicate with freelancers and plan deadlines for every week or months in advance.

Step 5: At last, evaluate the outcomes at least once in a year you’re seeing from freelancing work. Then plan accordingly for the future.


For small businesses, it may affect budgets to hire part-time or full-time employees. Hence, the best decision for such businesses is to freelancers login at Fixnhour. It is cost-effective and also ensures quality delivery of products at the given time. Therefore, from affordability to flexibility, freelancers offer just what your organization needs.

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