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High in Demand Freelance Skills 2020

Those days are gone when freelancing was just an option only to those who can’t find jobs. Once it was a euphemism for job-hunting but now has become a whole career path for individuals. A wide range of people is shifting to self-employment since the freelancing community offers them greater autonomy. Furthermore, business organizations also prefer to add independent workers to their roster. By 2027, freelancers are expected to have a majority of the total US workforce. The advancement of technology and globalization pushes companies to reform their business policies.


It would be a wonder to know why entrepreneurs love to hire remote workers. The prime reason is that they offer cost-effective and specialized skills. And the key element of business success is – you should focus on specialized skills. Although, there is also a disadvantage of freelancing is the huge number of freelancers offer the same skills. If a huge chunk will provide the same skill- it wouldn’t be special anymore.


According to a study of MBO Partners, More than 15 million full-time freelancers, among 1 in 5 earn more than $100000 per year.



In this competitive era, it is required to keep yourself apart. One must need to ensure that why he or she is different or unique from others in regards to offering skills that are in demand but not usually found.


Many successful freelancers always focus on learning new skills on the basis of current and future trends. This way keeps them a step ahead in the market. So, in this blog, we are going to define High Demand Freelancing Skills in 2020 for freelancers.


Most Common High Demand Freelancing Skills in 2020


  • Programming – Software and technology is eating the world. Corporate associations are moving their operations online and to cloud the in droves. In the present scenario, a business is nothing without a web presence; they need a tech-savvy person who can develop the software and other automation that support growth.


  • Furthermore, new programming frameworks and platforms are cutting each other as well as putting pressure on businesses to adapt to the one. Having a great understanding of coding and programming keeps you ahead in the tech market and freelance gigs. It is one of the high demand for freelancing skills in 2020 is likely to grow. Programming also offers better packages to freelancers, some in-demand programming skills are – python, swift, PHP, R, MySQL, Java, etc. Others are – Artificial Intelligence, data science, and manipulation.


  • Content Writing – Content is king, a robust content is a queen. Content makes up how to consume the bulk of information on the internet in form of graphics, videos, and written material. Nowadays, the content has become a popular marketing trend so companies require content creators to put together stories and graphics in order to promote their brands and let people know about their products.


  • Earn with your content creation skills at freelancing platforms, all you need to do is just narrow down your niche. There are several companies who require to write a term paper, script, blogs, and the list goes on. Hence, polish your writing skills helps you to get projects soon. It needs a sharp insight on details thus to attract people easily. Content writing is a high demand freelancing skills 2020 that requires less time to learn and earn.


  • Social Media Marketing – In this modern era, social media marketing has become a proven way to boost up business growth. Most of the organizations employ several channels, i.e. SEO, social media, content, and email. Freelancers are hired to do one or even all these activities as it assists in enhancing brand recognition.


  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are some social media platforms where 71% of people have a positive experience with brands. This makes social medial marketing one of the high-demand freelancing skills 2020. You can learn this skill from numerous online platforms because several companies are hiring professional freelancers who are socially savvy, engage, and interact with people to build a strong market image.


  • Virtual Assistance – To be a Virtual Assistant, a fresher doesn’t need to have special training or certifications. There is a huge client base in the field of virtual assistance, like entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, etc. in a number of different industries. The basic tasks of a virtual assistant include administrative works which include setting appointments, email handling, travel logs, etc.


  • Along with these basic tasks, virtual assistance also helps you to know how to provide your best values for the company and to maximize your salary. Also, such training helps you learn from different virtual assistants and stand out from them.


  • Graphic Designing – With the rising culture of start-ups, the demand for freelance graphic designers also come to arises. It is one of the High Demand Freelancing Skills 2020 because small companies prefer to hire designers who can work on a project basis.


  • But you might get scared to shift into graphic designing as you’re not creative at all. However, you don’t have to be! After all, Graphic designing is a skill that can be learned easily, and not this, any skill can be learned.


  • The most crucial thing about freelance graphic designers is they should create an effective portfolio. This is what clients look at when hiring freelancers and decide whether or not you are suitable for them. So, you can put your portfolio for 5-6 design projects together.


  • All you need to do is to focus on improving the knowledge about designing basics and principles. To do so, you can use different applications, available on the internet that you want to be proficient in it, such as – Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop. Besides this, those who are naturally an eye to designing can hone that skills by taking over freelancing projects.


  • Accounting and Book-Keeping – You may get surprised to know that instead of using software why hire someone for accounting and taxation. However, still there are plenty of things that software cannot do. For instance – deductions and tax codes that software cannot solve. Furthermore, some small businesses don’t want to invest more in software so they prefer to hire freelancers who provide in-demand accounting services.


  • Freelance accountant carries out mundane tasks, like – supervising, monitoring, and recording the cash flows. One can start a career as a freelance accountant if they have a good understanding of accounting software – Freshbooks, QuickBooks. Sage & Xero. It is a fire way to ensure to get hired in one of the high-demand freelancing skills 2020.


  • Customer Support Service – Every business wants to satisfy its customers as it is the key element of a company’s success. To ensure this, many brands provide 24 x 7 customer support services. It means companies’ are always in search of customer’ service representatives who can work in odd hours, i.e. besides from 9 to 5 workdays. So, if you are flexible to work at night then it would be a great option for you.


  • The high demand freelancing skill 2020, Customer Services involves interaction with customers via online or phone. Thus, one can easily do it at home. All it requires is strong communication, the ability to deal with people, negotiation, and other soft skills that can be easily learned.


  • Apart from all these, the most important thing that a customer service representative should know is how to extract valuable information from random data provided to them. Many times, customers’ won’t tell you exact problems, so you need to enough skilful to what they want to say. It may sound tricky, yes, or not? That’s why, everyone cannot adopt these skills, but with regular practice, one can easily learn to deal with people.


  • E-Commerce – Nowadays, nearly every company is offering their products/ services online. An e-commerce platform gives you the chance to grow your business and also to sell your products and services on a bigger, global level. Also, many companies are interested in expanding their business so there is a high demand for freelancers for creating, promoting, and managing these e-commerce websites.


  • Web Development and Designing – Web Development and Web Designing, both are high demand freelancing skills in 2020; all credit goes to technological innovation. It offers the most dynamic career options, developers and designers continuously need to reskill. Freelancers should learn new languages, trends, and technologies. Today, AI and Chatbots are cutting edge for web development and expected to grow more in the future. Besides this, freelance web designers must have an aesthetic sense so as to craft attractive web pages and deliver a smooth user experience. It is not only limited to this, also requires providing tangible results to the company. There are immense freelancing job options in web development and web designing; you just focus on becoming experts in the field.


  • Blockchain – Blockchain was initially meant for cryptocurrency. But with the passage of time, it has been used for many different purposes. Freelance Blockchain developers have a secure and distributed model that serves many industries like law, governance, insurance, logistics, and healthcare. Freelancers who wish to make a career in this field should keep in mind that Blockchain requires additional skills since it is expected to be the most demanding in the upcoming future.


  • Consultancy – Consultancy as a career is attracting many professionals. Many freelancers are now giving up their full-time jobs to come to this field. Consultancy enables professionals flexibility and work to earn extra income.


  • Many industries including architecture, law, engineering, advertising, financial management, human resources, etc are the topmost sectors of consultancy. There is a huge demand for freelancers in this field. Also, foreign companies are showing interest in opening ventures in India for consultants that can provide their advice and services.


  • Spreadsheets – We didn’t know that Excel would be that much-in-demand skill. As many companies have to sort through rows and their data in order to find something useful that is a lengthy process. And data is key for every business, so it requires a person who can arrange, assess, and present data. To do this task, they prefer outsourcing of freelancers who are highly sought after. Having a great knowledge of spreadsheets is one of the efficient skills that never go off. What’s the potential entrepreneurs are looking into freelancers- Pivot tables, and HOOKUPS, Index and Match, If with And/Or, Sum and Average, What-If analysis, and so on.


There are high demand for freelancing skills in 2020 that one should develop. Excel is not rocket science, one can easily learn advanced Excel functions within a few weeks. All they need is an analytical mind-set, in-depth details, and a willingness to learn a course like this.




These are the most common high demand freelancing skills 2020, expected to increase the demand in upcoming years. The reason behind this is e-commerce collects momentum and the latest technologies, i.e. Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence are becoming more popular and sophisticated. Therefore, the best way to be in demand at a freelancing platform like Fixnhour is to keep yourself updated through recruitment and crowd-sourcing platforms. It provides an excellent list of freelancing jobs and required skills. This information comes with knowledge about median pay for the skill that helps to make a great career-path in freelancing.

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