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How To Become A Freelance Web Designer

The work of a web designer is known as web designing. This web designing needs various different skills in the production and maintenance process of the websites. The web designers have to do the work like, Planning, creating and coding web pages and internet sites.  A skilled web designer is responsible for developing the layout and design of the web pages. Also, some of those web pages can have some pictures, sounds, how to become successful graphics designer and also video clips. Today we will discuss how to become a freelance web designer.


As a skilled web designer, you’ll have to use your creativity and keen eye for design to create some quality websites and make sure that the users can have a great experience.


Web design is the look, layout, images, colors and other visual front-end elements that can affect a user’s experience on a website. To create a pleasing and user-friendly website, many website owners and companies use some skilled web designers.


Web design is the look, layout, images, colors and other visual front-end elements that can affect a user’s experience on a website. To create a pleasing and user-friendly website, many website owners and companies use some skilled web designers.




The comparison between Web design and web development


While the work of web design involves what users can see when they go to a website, the web developers have to work on the backend to ensure that the site can properly function.

This includes some important things like how fast the pages can load, if the users are experiencing some errors, and also to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. Web developers can typically use the important coding languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript to accurately do their job.

The website owners might employ both a developer and a designer to create a unique site for their business.




What skills and qualifications do you have to possess to become a web designer?


Web designers make use of their unique creativity and close eye for design to develop a functional, user-friendly, and some beautiful looking websites. They can easily work in tandem with their clients to choose the layout, fonts, colors and images of the site. They also make sure that the readers can easily navigate the site on various devices like phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.


  • Web designers need to have a degree or certificate in the field of visual design. This isn’t mandatory, but it does help in providing a fundamental understanding of various elements of the website like color schemes, layouts, the fonts and also the proportions.


  • The training on the User Experience (UX) is also helpful for the potential web designers. This training can help the designers to carefully think about various types of people who might use the site to help them map the process of how each user can navigate it.


  • To implement the unique ideas related to the design and UX process, the web designers often work with a programmer or have to learn coding some languages like HTML (gives the site structure) and CSS ( allows to change images, colors, and other visual aspects).




Coding and UX/UI skills for the process of how to become a freelance web designer:


Coding skills


Having good knowledge about coding skills is of utmost importance as this field requires them. For starters, you’ll need to learn about HTML5 and CSS3. These are the minimum requirements for any freelance web designer. After learning about HTML5 and CSS3, you may need to touch on JavaScript and also, PHP and MySQL

Learning these kinds of languages isn’t essential for a web designer, but it can make you a better designer than others.



UX & UI skills


UX refers to the user experience while the UI refers to the user interface. These two words may have a similar sound, but they’re actually polar opposite. UI can easily be explained as the design of the website. On the other hand, UX is a more difficult area to master. UX speaks about the entire experience a user has while visiting or using a website.




The process of how to become a freelance web designer


People who love to design websites can build their own business with the help of some simple steps. It may take some of your time to grow into a full-time income, but it is not impossible.




Create the business website of your own


A great way to practice and show some of your design skills is to work on your first project: through your own website. You can start by just making a simple website or a blog.

If you want to improve your business of web design and attract a good number of clients, you need a specific place to showcase your unique skills and abilities. The business site of your own can be your first and best advertisement to potential clients.




Enroll yourself in a web design or good development course


You need to think about what skills you have and there are the ones you may need to work as a web designer. Then consider taking some special classes to bridge the gap. There are many institutions who offer affordable classes on the languages like, HTML and CSS, and also on visual design, and user experience.


The online classes are also practical and worthwhile if you’re trying to enhance your web design skills. The cost for those special courses is an investment that can pay off much more as you build your business and become successful.


The more special abilities and services you can offer, the more you can get paid and the higher-profile clients will want to work with you.




Add your portfolio 


Clients will hire you on the basis of what they can see, so it’s important that you showcase your special skills regarding designing and personal projects on your business website. If you still don’t have any clients, you can also create mock-up sites to display how you’d approach a particular design.


You can also contact local non profits or business-owner friends and show your interest to work on their site in exchange for the testimonials.


Identify the ideal client

  • While you are starting your business, you need to think about what will be your ideal client. Ask yourself these questions like:
  • What type of business are they running?
  • How old is their age?
  • Who runs the site which you’re designing?
  • Is there any specific topic or genre you’d like to specialize in?
  • What is their planned budget?
  • What is the address?


This is just an example of the list of questions you need to know about. When creating the profile of your ideal client, you can add as much more details or questions as you want. That will be able to help you to identify the special sites that your ideal client owns and how to do business and create a network with them.




Finding the suitable clients


As a skilled web designer, you may find work in one of these two ways, which are:  as a freelancer or working for someone else. If you’re interested in the freelancing job, you’ll need to pitch the clients as well.




Working as a Freelancer


As a freelancer, you’ll be able to work for yourself. Meaning it will be your responsibility to manage your own working schedule, tracking both your income and expenses, and also finding potential clients.


A good way to find potential clients is by the process of networking. Just search and figure out where your potential customers are located and visit those places. It can be an in-person meeting in your town, Facebook group or even LinkedIn. Try to do networking with other freelance web designers; they may offer you some good tips for finding your first potential clients.


If the process of networking with strangers is uncomfortable for you, you can also start by designing a marketing campaign. Just share your new works with your social media followers or put together a Facebook ad campaign, or let your friends and family members know about what you’re doing. You can always ask them if they can offer you the information of any potential clients. Sometimes that personal connection can make it a lot easier to network.




Traditional jobs


Sometimes working for a company is a great way to build and enhance your special skills while earning a consistent amount of wages. Some people prefer the traditional schedule and the special perks of working as an employee.


You can find a suitable job with a web design company, just check out various job postings on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. You can also do a thorough search about various “web design companies” and browse the careers section option within their websites.


Make sure to show a solid resume, even if you don’t have enough experience. Highlight some important things like the testimonials from your previous clients, your relevant training, and also the designs you’ve done.




Pitching process


Once you’re already in front of the potential clients, you’ll need to pitch them successfully. Hence, include a description about expressing how you can help them, what makes you different from others or why they should hire you, and also a brief summary of your skills or previous works.




Build the brand


As a skilled web designer, you’ll need to help the companies to build their brand. But it’s also very important that you build your own brand as well. There are some ways by which you can do this:


  • Create and update your personal website to reflect your work and personality. Make sure that you’re expressing the right feeling to your ideal customer.


  • Remain consistent across all the different types of platforms. Use the exact same name, profile picture and also the website information everywhere you share the details about your business. People will get to know you more by this way.


  • Carefully focus on a particular niche, especially on the one you’re passionate about. It’s easier to market to a specific kind of  audience than to everyone


  • Work well and dedicatedly with your clients. A happy customer will always refer you and your works to their friends or family. Some of them may need your services, and thus the good reviews from your satisfied customers are the easiest and fastest way to build your brand.


Creating a consistent and solid brand can easily build trust, recognition, and forces the potential clients to hire you more.




Promoting the services


To grow and enhance the business, the freelance web designers need to promote their services and services carefully.


Social media is a free and probably the most effective way to generate interest in your unique designing skills, and it’s also a better way to stay connected to a large network. Using the popular free platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can always share updates on your different projects and the menu of services. You can even ask questions to your followers about what they’d like you to learn or work on.


Sponsored or special ads on those social media networks are another useful method for driving traffic to your services regarding designing. This can easily expand your potential client base as you have the capability to reach the clients beyond your local area.




What can be a web designer’s average income?


According to Glassdoor, a full-time corporate web designer can make an average of nearly about $52,000 per year. If you want to work for yourself, then freelance web designers can make between $30 and $80 per hour.




Final words


If you’re a creative person, or good at design, and have the knowledge about basic coding skills, you might want to earn by working in the field of website design. You also need to listen carefully to your clients, work as a team with the clients and the web developers. On the other hand, if you’re interested in working as a freelancer, you need to search for a market and pitch yourself.

Although breaking into this kind of working field can be difficult, we hope that the above mentioned stages of how to become a freelance web developers can be able to help you to a great extent.

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