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How to Get Your First Job On Fixnhour?

In the past few days, the world has changed a lot. Maybe get puzzled from your full-time job and ready to earn some extra money. Or maybe, you’re looking to pursue it as a freelancer. Although, it is not easy to get the first job for any newbie freelancer as it requires so many things to be considered.


If you’re new at Fixnhour or recently register yourself over there to search for a new job as per your skills and knowledge level, here’s given some tips which assist to pursue your freelancing career.


Tips To Get Your First Job At Fixnhour


Make your profile powerful – Your success on Fixnhour depends on how attractive your portfolio is. The ultimate goal should be making clients wow at the moment they on your profile. Hence, it is required to tailor your profile to showcase your skills in a glimpse and let clients get to know you before they invite you for the job.


Starts it with picking a niche, it should be the area in which you are specialized or experienced. Moreover, keywords related to your niche are also important as it makes clients find suitable android freelancers. So, ensure that you’ve mentioned all the relevant keywords in the profile, from headline to overview to skills.


Keep your applications short – Don’t kill the clients with the boredom of reading the long proposals. In reality, many clients skip it to read it, rather than try to work with two or three paragraphs. The key element of good proposals is, keep them short and relevant. Don’t play around the bush, stick on job-related content. Don’t get too excited and put the entire resume on the proposal.


Eliminate all distractions – There’s no room for laziness or inactivity while doing freelancing. Nowadays, it is hard for people to stay focus on work, keep away from social media sites and the internet suffering as all these are the main distractions. Therefore, it is important to be active on freelancing portals like Fixnhour and always try to connect with clients.


Test Knowledge – In this competitive era, only those can win who have different sorts of knowledge and skill level. If you’re new to the freelancing world, always try to boost up your knowledge and abilities. To do so, there are available different online tests, choose one as per your skill and area of interest to confirm the level of your skills. You can also attach the results or certifications in your portfolio, it also helps clients’ to decide whether to select you or not.


Carefully read the job description – The best way to get hired in any job is to showcase your knowledge about the company and the profile being applied for.  While at freelancing portals, it may difficult to get all the details about the company/ client, hence a job description can be a good starting point. For this, read the proper job description and client needs


Get hired by showing that you have read and understood all the job requirements. You can use this job description to how you’re going to use your skills to fulfill their needs.


Be selective for the jobs you bid on – when you start off, you might think to apply for as many as possible jobs- in which some are unrelated to your niche. It can only slow down your job search, instead of this bid on the jobs related to your niche. As it results, you will genuinely get good proposals.


Don’t set your rate too low – Taglines like – “will work for feedback” are against the rules of “Fixnhour” and won’t reflect on your positively. It is important to know your worth and be confident during negotiation. When a client asks you for the first time they hire you to discount, consider it. You can offer than 10 or 20% discount or complete one of their tasks, but doing more than this shows your vulnerability or a compromise.


Be patient – You’re determined and driven, but not getting proposals or responses. Don’t think something bad, just be patient. It may take a day or more than three weeks to get your first response. On the basis of personal experience, the probability of getting a response is 5%, some get their first response in a week and second within two weeks. And after this, it becomes so easier.


If your clients are not responding then maybe lack something. So, analyze these loops and start to improve things.


Don’t give up – Always keep in mind that your efforts will surely pay off in spades. All it takes to be optimistic and feel that your skills are needed and important. But, don’t give up halfway, as you’re new there will be so many uncertain scenarios; keep calm, you can do it. Good Luck!!!


By adhering, all these tips properly, you’ll surely get your proposals as soon as possible. To register yourself, click on the given link – and get your dream job.

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