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Top 10 tips to become a successful graphic designer

Graphic designing is becoming one of the hottest careers of today. People with a creative mind can easily become graphic designers after putting a bit of effort into it. The most popular thing about graphic design is that freelance graphics designer earn pretty well and enjoy a lot of freedom throughout their career. 


There are multiple websites available in the market to provide jobs for freelance graphic designers, for example, PayScale, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, and many more. There you can find multiple opportunities with a great pay scale. From there you can also find other company jobs too. But in order to become a successful graphic designer, you will need good skills and knowledge of the working process. Here we are going to give you 10 important tips which you can follow to become a successful graphic designer. 

10 tips to become a successful graphic designer 

  • Imagination and creativity –This is one of the most important skills when it comes to graphic designing. Because before making any good design you have to think about it. A successful graphic designer creates the design first in imagination than in reality. But imagining absurd things will not work. You will need to foresee the result of that design which you want to make. This is a basic requirement that you need to have some aesthetic sense to become successful. It will also help you to see the quality of your own design. It is impossible to become a good graphic designer without thinking creatively. In this field, each and every project needs a unique design and for that, you need to think creatively every time you start to design something new. Good image quality and creative thinking can make you successful in no time.


  • Good understanding of print designing –Print media or magazines still plays a very important role in the career of a freelance graphic designer despite the massive digitalization. Old and experienced graphic designers are familiar with this pattern but new generation graphic designers also need to have good knowledge about it. 


  • Design thinking –For becoming a successful graphic designer you will need to strategize your thinking about design. In easy language, be more practical with a touch of creativity. If you are good at design thinking that means you have the ability to process designs with a cognitive approach and you can differentiate between designs easily with a practical approach. This is a must-have skill for a graphic designer. If you cannot differentiate between the good, ordinary, and bad designs then your journey can be a little difficult as a freelance graphic designer.


 Freelance graphic designers directly deliver their projects to their clients. They don’t have someone above them to check and approve their works other than clients. A bad design can ruin the reputation in no time. So, make sure to double and think about everything properly before delivering it. 


  • UX/ UI designing sense – UX and Ui or User experience and User interface two things that you will need to be successful in this field. This can look absurd from the surface but deep down you need them to become a successful graphic designer. UX designing is very important to create a good design and UI makes you understand it perfectly. 


  • Typography –This is a fundamental skill to become a successful graphic designer. This is mainly important for designing websites, apps, and print designs. The quality of font lining, choice of fonts can make a big difference in design. Because a good design should have everything appropriate in every parameter and aspect. 


  • Coding skills – Coding is the mandatory skill when it comes to maximum careers from UX/ UI design to web designing from app development to graphic design. Freelance graphic designers who have coding skills can immediately stand out among the others. Yes, they don’t need to be that many experts in coding like the app developers but a fair knowledge of coding is required for graphic designing. To be successful you can learn basic codings like HTML, Visual Basic, Java, and some other design coding.


  • Knowledge of designing software – These are the tools that you usually use to make a graphic design. For example, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Xara, Autodesk, Illustrator, PhotoScape are some common software. They consist of multiple features which can be complicated from time to time. Proficiency in using this software is essential for a graphic designer. Although these features can change from time to time if you know how to use them you can figure out the changes easily. 


  • The visual style and out of box thinking – A good design is a solution for most of the company. So, it is naturally above something that only looks good. For every good design, you will need good ideas. But the same type of ideas for every project can ruin your reputation. To make good designs you need to think out of the box and also apply appealing visual styling. 


  • Photo editing skill –Photo editing skill is that basic thing which people expect naturally from a graphic designer. It creates the visual appeal for their projects. That does not mean that people expect freelance graphic designers to go behind the camera. But having a bit of knowledge of photography won’t hurt you but make your graphic designing career more perfect. 


  • Knowing the latest market trends: AR/ VR/ AI – Trends change every day in this field and being aware of them is a basic thing. AI, AR, VR are the new technologies that people love. AI can be a little bit neglected but AR and VR cannot be neglected as they play a very important role in creating 3D graphic design. You have some knowledge about these things then that can be a bonus for your career as a freelance graphic designer. 

A special tip:

You can also choose to work for a graphic designing company at your convenience. But if you are thinking about freelance graphic designing then at first you should work for a company. That way you will gain some experience that will help you in your freelancing journey. People trust experienced freelancers more than fresher. 


These are some basic things that you need to know before starting graphic designing. These 10 tips are very basic but in order to be successful, you need to start from the very basic things. They are the most important thing not only in graphic designing but in every career. For example, freelance web developers also need to learn their basics first to become successful in the future. 


Other than all these things passion and dedication is very important to be successful as a freelance graphic designer. If you search on the internet or ask any known freelance graphic designers, you will find out that they are very passionate about every design they make. It is very tough to think creatively if you don’t have any love for the design one is creating. Be in love with graphic designing, sharpen your skills with our tips, think creatively and you will become a successful freelancer in no time. 

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