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Top 5 tools used by freelance graphic designers

Digitalization has changed the world a lot. Now almost everything we do is through a digital platform. For example, reading news, connecting with people, communication with family and friends, everything. Social media plays a very important role in our daily life and to make profit media has become digital too. Naturally, due to huge demand, the career of freelance graphics designers has taken a new turn in today’s world.


Advertisers prefer the most crowded places to advertise their products and the internet has become the most crowded place these days. For that they required graphic designers with great skills. Graphic designers can choose two types of career, one is working for a company and second is freelancing. Both of them are great options and have a lot of vacancies for new graphic designers. Even in this pandemic situation when the market for most jobs has fallen, the demand for graphic designers has increased massively.


Young people are showing more interest in fields like web designing, app development and graphic designing because we are expecting that the demand will increase more in these fields. Most of them are also searching for a career where they can do freelance work as graphic design is ideal for that. Although freelance web developers are also in demand along with freelance app developers.


If you want to become of one those successful freelance graphic designers you will need some basic knowledge about the tools of graphic designing. Here are we are going to give you all the information about the most famous and useful 5 tools. If you learn to use them properly you can be a successful freelance graphic designer in no time. These tools are mostly used by professionals.


5 tools for freelance graphic designers –


Canva –Canva is a good option for the beginners. Canva gives you the features of editing videos, photos, layouts and many more. You can also create presentations in Canva. For simple graphic materials Canva is ideal. They also have existing layouts and logos which you can use. Also, you can make changes in existing layouts as per your convenience. They are very good for social media posts, brochures, and magazines. They also have some good quality photos and existing templates for quick use. For using this app, you need to log in first with email and password. They offer a free version with limited features and designs for more you can buy their premium options.


PDFBear – In graphic design modification and manipulation are two important things and PDFBear allows you to both in your existing pdf file. From this software you can convert the file formats also. This is very useful to make a pdf file of any image without downloading any online converter.  You can easily adjust some features of images in it quickly if you have received it in pdf format. You can also save your projects in pdf format through this software. In short this is very useful and handy software which almost all freelance graphic designers use.


Dropbox –Dropbox is the must have software for graphic designers to share their files in high quality. It becomes hectic to send the projects over other platforms but it becomes easy when you use Dropbox. It is basically cloud storage software which offers a limited free storage of files up to 2GB. After that you can buy the space up to 25GB. This will make receiving and sending files easy. If you upload a project in it your client can save it easily through the specific link.



Adobe creative cloud – Adobe can give you all you want as a graphic designer from editing tools to space to save high quality photos. You can use Adobe photoshop, XD, PremiumPro, Illustrator, InDesign for making your designs. They have more features than you can imagine which could be great for creating various designs. You can also share these tolls with other users. Adobe gives you free access to various fonts too which can be useful especially in website designing and print media. Adobe offers you a place to save your high-quality photos and designs in adobe cloud storage. To use adobe and get its full benefit you have to log in first. Adobe gives you the option of accessing one account from multiple platforms. For example, you can use the same account from your desktop and mobile phone.


Pixabay –This is a photo library for graphic designers. From here you will be able to download free images, music or videos for your designs. They have almost every type of image you will need. Also, you can take inspiration from them because many graphic designers upload their files on that platform.  You need to sign up for free to use this go to website. They offer image files from size of 427×60 pi to 3456×5184 pi. These sizes make the images more useful because you don’t need to resize them. Their website also has a vast collection of images from every field. If you are looking for an image to include in your design, you can freely just go there and download it.


These applications have both a paid version and an unpaid version. In the unpaid version you will get limited accessibility of tools whereas a premium can give you the opportunity to use all of them. As a beginner you can start with an unpaid version and after being proficient on those features you can buy the premium version to learn more. But remember that proficiency in all of those features is very important to become successful as a freelance graphic designer.


Tips to stand out more as a freelance graphic designer –


You will also need some basic skills to become a successful graphic designer. If you are an amateur graphic designer then you can do a course of graphic designing to support your existing skills. Freelance graphic designers also need to think creatively and should have good imagination skills. Because this career can be a little bit unpredictable for every type of project you will need to think differently and that’s impossible if you are not creative enough.


Also, some knowledge in coding and market trends can support your career and make your growth fast. For example, if you have some knowledge of basic coding then you will stand out in the freelance market immediately than others. You should be aware of market trends because that will tell you the preference of people. What the audience is thinking is more important than what you think.


Last but not the least is judging the quality of your own design. Freelance graphic designers should be very good in this category. Because if you cannot differentiate between good or bad design you will be unable to create a good design.

Now you have the information of professional tools and also the basic tips, you can start your projects with ease of mind. No one can be perfect from the start and success needs dedication. You will learn many things after you start working and that’s the best lesson. Remember these two things and concentrate on your work. This is the basic thing you will find in all successful freelance graphic designers.

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