how to be a successful freelancer

Top 7 Tips To Become A Successful Freelancer

What is freelancing?


Freelancing refers to work as an independent individual rather than being employed by someone else or a company. Freelancers are self-employed and commonly referred to as independent contractors.  Sometimes, freelancers are hired by other companies on a short time or a part-time basis, but they usually do not get the same amount of compensation as the employees who work on a full-time basis.


With the increase of the gig economy, many people are talking about freelancing than the previous times. The reason also is that today you can see, more number of freelancers than have you had seen in the previous days. Not everyone likes to use the words “freelancing” or “freelancer”, instead of they want to refer to themselves as “self-employed”


How does freelancing work?


Freelancers get the payment in return for offering a sort of special service to their freelance clients. That agreement is usually part-time or short-term. For example, if you hire a photographer to take some new photos, then you could pay him for that particular task or session and that would be the end of the work. Sometimes, people pay freelancers to work a number of hours per week or month. You can call that arrangement a “retainer”.


A lot of professionals work on a retainer basis. Every month, they bill a set some time to their clients, regardless of whether that time is needed or not. It is really one of the purest forms of entrepreneurship- where the freelancer provides a special service and the client pays him directly.


Therefore, it is an easy task to start as a freelancer, but it needs a good amount of hard work, motivation, and dedication to become a successful freelancer. For this reason, most new freelancers have given up on their interest in working from home after some months. Also, this is the reason why only a few numbers of android freelancers become successful in getting financial security. For some people, many years of hard work are required to become a successful full-time freelancer and to finally find financial stability.


Here are the top 7 most important points about how to be a successful freelancer:


  •  Remember to be polite


  1. Learning about the best ways to communicate with your clients and write a professional email is one of the most important points to build some long-term relationships.
  2. That is not the only way; you also need to know how to be polite with your clients.
  3. Not all clients are kind-hearted and of generous nature. Sometimes you have to interact or communicate with some really tough and aggressive clients. Those who always criticize you for your work and ask for repeated revisions.
  4. While dealing with such troubling situations, you need to be able to remain calm and offer polite answers or responses.
  5. If a client says to you that you have to improve your work, don’t start to defend yourself or complain. Don’t try or think about coming up with some excuses. First of all, apologize politely and get back to work to start from scratch.
  6. The client will respect you for honoring their request. They’ll also see you as a professional person.
  7. Therefore, always remember to complain less and be calm and polite when talking to clients.


  • Always remember that you know nothing


  1. You have to constantly remind yourself that you are not better than anyone else.
  2. Having the proper amount of confidence in your skills and capabilities is one matter. Whereas believing you know about everything regarding the given project and also much better than everyone else could guide you to the end of your career.
  3. Never claim or assume to be the expert on a specific matter. Always be ready to learn more, even from someone, who is your junior or younger than you.
  4. This is one of the important reasons for being relevant and gaining more experience as a freelancer.
  5. Even the best doctors in the world are struggling to know about new diseases and new treatments for their entire lifetime.
  6. So, don’t hesitate to keep learning and improving yourself every day. 
  7. As a result of this, you can keep learning about new things through various online courses. 
  8. This will help you to stand one step ahead of your competition.


  • Always maintain an address book


  1. Every business needs an address book, which is full of phone numbers and other contact addresses of their important potential clients. This is important for freelancers as well.
  2. Every time you receive an email from someone asking about the details of your services or when you can complete a project for a specific client, you have to add that client’s email address to your address book.
  3. This can be your useful backup plan. Whenever you need to search for a new gig or running low on projects or clients, you can go through your address book to find your new client or job.
  4. Hence, start to make your own address book of potential clients. You’ll never have to wait for a long time or complain about getting new freelancing jobs ever again.


  • Don’t become comfortable


  1. It can be a common tendency of some people that when they can successfully reach a certain point in their freelancing career, they start to get comfortable.
  2. When you have some good clients, who pay well, then you can think about not giving your best anymore. 
  3. In that case, you should think about someone replacing you and only that thought can motivate you to work harder than anyone else.
  4. You can also think of this as a motivation to provide a more efficient and valuable service to your clients. As a result of this, you can remain memorable for doing some great works.
  5. For example, you can put in some extra effort to deliver a better-quality service to each client. You can also add something extra with each article like writing some extra words or including some free images.
  6. Make it your goal to satisfy your clients by delivering a great service. In addition to this, don’t forget to work harder than anyone else to be irreplaceable.


  • Become a resilient person


  1. If you want to survive for a long period of time as a freelancer, you’ve to make yourself tougher.
  2. The job of freelancing involves dealing with many numbers of rejections. 
  3. You will need to wait patiently for many days to get an answer from clients. You may get rejections from the maximum number of jobs you apply for. Your work may get many negative remarks or comments. Some clients will take many days to pay you and some may even ignore you.
  4. Hence, you have to be a master of resilience to remain calm and polite during those difficult times. You should not react with panic and anger.
  5. Therefore, try to strengthen your mind by building up your confidence in your skills and thus, try to boost your resilience. So, keep knowing and learning about some new skills.


  • Don’t think about the money only


  1. Many people start or choose to freelance to earn money quickly.
  2. Sometimes, they think that going for an office job is hard but making money from home is a very easy and comfortable task.
  3. It is not true as; freelancing is more difficult than having an office job because freelancing is like conducting a business on your own. You have to always manage your clients and juggle with different projects. You also have to promote your works or services as well.
  4. If you start freelancing only about thinking of money as your actual goal, you cannot survive for a long time.
  5. Always remember that in the first few months as a freelancer, you’ll be able to earn a very small amount of money. So, prepare to survive in those harsh times.


  • Prepare for aside-project and mind a mentor


  1. Starting or planning for a side project is one of the best ideas you choose to advance your career as a freelancer.
  2. It’s a very good way to not just promote your skills and talents but also to develop your reputation. The actual benefit of choosing a side project is being able to practice your skills at a regular interval.
  3. In addition to this, this side project can also help you to make an extra income stream for yourself. 
  4. Having an expert to guide you through difficult times and help you figure out how to be a successful freelancer can be very helpful.




Freelancing is not only about finding work from home and making money. It’s much like a game of survival in the competitive market. So, don’t let it become the task of only about finding the next client or the next gig, but make it about finding your financial security. Therefore, you should be prepared to plan accordingly to work towards becoming a successful freelancer. In this case, these top 7 tips can definitely help you in your struggle of how to be a successful freelancer.

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