how to get seo clients from fixnhour

Ways To Get Freelance SEO Clients At Fixnhour

Being a freelancer, you all may know that your livelihood relies on a steady stream of clients. The same thing is with a freelancer SEO expert or consulting business. If you’re an SEO freelance, there are certain areas you should focus on to how to get SEO clients. SEO clients don’t depend solely on how bigger your network is, experience in SEO, or even your own specialty. All this is based on how to leverage your network, how proactive you’re, and where you’re looking for jobs.


With the increasing popularity of internet marketing, the digital-nomad lifestyle is obtaining tools of prevalence nowadays.


Alongside, by optimizing your online presence and effective use of SEO job portals job can how to get SEO clients by sitting at your office or home. In this post, I am going to define the best tips to get the best SEO projects and I would also tell how to manage various SEO works at the same time with the help of SEO project management tools.

Without any further ado, here are some tips which help freelance SEO experts to get new projects-


Bidding on freelance websites


The very step to finding how to get seo clients is you should make a profile on leading freelancing platforms, FIxnhour is one of them. These outsourcing platforms are extremely useful for you as a beginner to get the best projects. You just simply have to create a convenient profile including your skills or ability and begin with bidding for SEO projects available on those freelance portals. As an SEO expert, you also have to preserve as falling flat is common in freelancing life; on the off-go chance that you get SEO clients subsequent to bidding for 50+ projects then you don’t need to stress out.


However, it is also important to have positive reviews on freelancing portals because it is extremely tough to get online SEO projects. Once you will start to get good projects and make on-time delivery, the hazels that are occurring will diminish consequently.


Social Media or Local Advertising


We are living in an era, where social media plays a vital role. However, any type of advertisement requires a straight investment but also can aid you to reach numerous target audiences and brands for new freelancing or consulting to find new SEO clients. You can start to use social media advertising, such as – Facebook and Linkedin Ads, which increases your freelancing SEO business in front of specific  SEO clients.


Build your strong online presence in search engine


Before providing SEO services to clients, your site must a decent client ranking on SERPs. To do so, initially, freelance SEO experts need to optimize their site to identify the positive outcome of customers. If your site is not shown on the top of search engine results, you cannot ensure others purchase your services for optimizing their site ranking. It is crucial for SEOers to optimize their own site legitimately which assists you to get the best freelancing SEO projects. For this, you need to work on the site according to keywords like – “SEO services in India, SEO freelancers, etc.


I would advise you to prefer long-tail keywords, as long-tail keywords have less competition. Developing backlinks along with forum Posting and participation in various SEO forums, i.e. Sitepoint, Digitalpoint which will help in boosting up your online presence.


Send Emails for SEO jobs at various job portals


On various job portals, you can also find freelance SEO projects. Once you figure out the most suitable SEO jobs, you can share emails with your portfolio and proposition. It will highlight your current customers and your skills/ ability or work that has been done. Keep the message personalized and easy to understand, maintain a conversational tone as per the thought of the process of a client would help you convince the job providers.


Apart from this, being a freelance SEO expert you can also how to get SEO clients by Aweber, Google RSS feed, or even collect information from different directories, sites, classifieds, etc. Use Linkedin, calling in local companies, cold calling, and making personal visits are further ways to grab freelance SEO projects.


Apply for contract positions


Freelance SEO Experts can also apply for contract SEO positions in various companies, it’s the best way to find temporary roles. It encompasses searching for remote, contract SEO profiles on several job portals or freelancing platforms. Most likely contract positions are part-time, remote, and flexible which is a good start to your freelancing journey.


SEO Project Management Tools


Following are the SEO tools you can use, such as-

Basecamp – The tool allows SEOers to delegate tasks, monitor progress, and organize people. Basecamp is useful to interact with physically distant users who may be in different time zone. The main features of this tool are – Creating team/ groups, messaging and instant messaging, Document management, setting priorities, tracking project hours, project templates, resource allocation, etc.


LiquidPlanner – The features include Baseline View Built-In Collaboration, client sharing, drag, and drop prioritization, and Contract fields. Alongside this, the tool is helpful in document storage, time tracking, notifications, and multiple project support. SEO experts can use LiquidPlanner for project analytics & reporting and priority-based scheduling.


ActiveCollab – The SEO management software supports you in project management, calendar, and collaborative writing. ActiveCollab is used for email integration, invoice management, and file management.


Final Words

The aforesaid tips will help you to get great SEO projects as per your expertise and even make a rewarding freelancing career. At Fixnhour, we have various freelance SEO jobs; you can register yourself and get your desired projects. Getting better SEO projects is depends on your experience and client reviews. I would advise you to enhance your SEO skills and knowledge to get things to do

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